Friday, May 13, 2016

Dozens of reasons to vote Trump over Hillary. Avoid another catastrophe.

Dozens of reasons to vote Trump over Hillary. Avoid another catastrophe
1. Hillary doubles down on Obama’s catastrophic presidency: Democratic policies are a domestic disaster. Wall Street Journal "With chutzpah one has to admire, the party that in two terms weakened, if not wrecked, the economy, now presents itself as its savior.”
Income inequality gap widened hugely,
SHE SUPPORTS Obama’s “achievements”
Catastrophic Iran deal, expand terror, take over 4 Arab countries
His Syrian red line ignored, 300,000 killed
China, Russia, Islamic terrorism expands wildly
blacks worse off,
terrible recovery,
record # unemployed,
more racial tension,
record poverty,
More businesses going out of business than being created,
Middle class lost average $5000 wealth,
Record poor “recovery from recession
US economy sees the slowest wage growth ever recorded, Democrats fault because they produced the terrible Dodd-Frank law,
Obama, Barney Frank and Dems caused 2008 recession, not Bush, Obamacare has been a disaster! cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion. Chief Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted it was sold to us packed with lies,
Democrat George Soros funds professional rioters to stir up racial tension
Obama DOUBLED ALL previous US debt by 43 presidents
Gutting our military leaving us unprepared,
Record new economy stifling onerous regulations,
Record  LIES,
Obama illegal Executive Actions . Supreme court ruled vs him 9-0 on one so far,
Democrats favor confiscatory tax rates which are punishing achievement and produce LESS revenue,
Behind the violent protests at Trump events and  upcoming GOP, Obama's violent rhetoric fuels national divide,
Obama's climate change lie to weaken USA,
No improvement on VA scandal Obama campaigned vs in 2007!! 
Our infrastructure is crumbling and Obama wasted the trillion $ stimulus in 2008
     2. Who was successful under Obama/Clinton?
His rich friends. Iran gets $150 billion to grow terrorism, gets path to nuclear bombs and build ICBMs as they plan war. Russia expands in Ukraine and Middle East, China builds military Islands in S. China Sea, North Korea tests ICBMs that can reach USA,. Cuba gets recognition while torturing opponents,. Muslim terrorists worldwide massive growth. Isis. Illegal aliens.
3.       Who suffered horribly under Obama/Hillary?
Our children (all previous debt doubled). Workers (record # quit looking for jobs).
Businesses (more failed than started). Our allies. The poor. Record poverty. Middle class. Victims of VA abuse, Blacks (record unemployment). Victims of illegal alien violent criminals not deported, Murdered cops, Murder victims in cities with huge spike in violence due to racial tension caused by Obama. Victims of IRS and EA abuse
Military gutted, The economy (anemic growth) Victims of Isis and 85 other Islamic terror groups, Victims of the terrorist he released from Gitmo who went back to terrorism, 300,000 dead Syrians, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya disintegrated into terrorism enclaves

4. Hillary asserts economies do better under Democrats? Oh yeah? Carter massive inflation+interest rates+massive unemployment. Bill Clinton has balanced budget only because Newt Gingrich and Republican House made him shrink government. Nevertheless, his threatening banks to give house loans to unqualified people laid groundwork for massive economic failure of 2008. And now Obama destroying US economy.
5. Pushing to confiscate guns, just as Hitler and Stalin did, in violation of the 2nd Amendment, leaving us defenseless against terrorists, murderers, thugs.
6. Democrats support highest corporate tax in world, driving businesses and jobs overseas and further punishing the companies that keep money abroad. Hillary wants to double down on this terrible policy. Republicans want to make US tax rates more competitive to lure the companies back.
7. Hypocrites demonize Wall Street but meanwhile reaps fortune from speaking fees
8Policies of allowing in unvettable, Isis infilatratedSyrian rapefugees will get us killed. 
9. Wants no borders Massive numbers illegal aliens.
10. Hillary most corrupt, dangerous, lying, pro terror person ever to run Besides being the most corrupt, lying, dangerous person ever to run for president,,

Hillary POTUS vs Trump Potus
13. trump Make Supreme Court appointments that will not make an ultra left SCOTUS for a generation
14. TrumpNot leave our military gutted.
15. Trump Not taking bribes form jihadist nations as Hillary does regularly
16.Trump Cut corporate taxes to stimulate growth, instead of just redistributing a shrinking pie.
17. Trump Changing Obamacare.
18. Trump Not everything out of his mouth is a lie.
19. Trump Did not let 4 Americans die at Benghazi and then lie about cause.
20. Trump Not opening our borders for anyone to come in
21. Trump Not trying to stop isis with just love and kindness
22.Trump Not having Potus who abused women her husband abused
23. Trump Not having president who was worst Secretary of State ever.
24.Trump Not having Potus for whom 90 close associates died under mysterious circumstances.
25. Trump Having president who wants Israel to build in Judea and Samaria
26. Trump Not having Potus who endorses Obama’s catastrophic iran deal
27. Trump  Not having Potus whose top aid is from Moslem brotherhood family
28. Trump Not having Potus who was mentored by “rules for radicals” Saul Alinsky
29. Trump Not having Potus who allowed our worst adversaries and enemies hack our top secrets because she used private server instead of State Dept. Dayenu 
30. Trump Not having Potus be 100% panderer 
31. Trump  Our guns will not be confiscated by oppressive government
32. Trump  It will not be illegal to criticize islam or phony climate change.
33. Trump Will not force all bathrooms to allow biological men in women’s showers.
34. Trump He has amassed $10 billion in free market, has 550 companies, employs thousands of people who love him.
35. Trump Won’t have Potus  who was fired from Senate committee for unethical behavior (Hillary from Watergate hearings.)
36. Trump Won’t have Potus, who, as attorney, laughed about getting rapist of young girl off on technicality.
37. Hillary pays Foundation female staff 38% less than male employees.
38. Trump Won’t have Potus who justified Hamas shooting 10,000 rockets indiscriminately at Israel by suggesting they needed to shoot from schools and hospitals because Gaza is small. Dayenu
39. Trump Won’t use phony Foundation, which dominates under 0% to charity, to use as extortion vehicle for their lavish lifestyle
40. trumpo will not kill coal or fracking, helping us achieve energy nindependence.
41. to help out her Muslim allies, Hillary fights our energy independence by trying to kill coal and fracking.
42. Uses phony foundation to funnel "charity" to their friends. According to , the Clinton Global Initiative provided millions for a company controlled by Bill's friends. Will anyone investigate?

She would create the most radically left Supreme court in history, take away all guns, socialize medicine, massive new business killing tax increases, continued weakened economy, split us more by race, class etc, use world as money laundering opportunity, Dems are now pushing criminal suits against people who SPEAK against climate change. Treasonous, pathological liar and flip flopper, anger issues, amoral. Appeases and aids Islamic terror while stabbing Israel repeatedly.
a. Her illegal private server had beyond top secret emails, hacked by our enemies
     b. Bill took huge speaking fees while Hillary Secr of State, from nations where she ruled favorably for world’s worst actors and then only 10% phony foundation spent on charity. It was money laundering scheme for finance their lavish lifestyle putting nation at risk.
         c. allowed Americans to be massacred by Islamic terrorist thugs and did nothing and then lied about it
       a. Fired from Whitewater committee for unethical behavior.
       b. Phony charitable foundation see 1b above
       c. Massive scandals throughout her career. Scandal after scandal along the way
3. Abused women, led campaign to abuse women her husband abused. Threatened Anita Brodrick 2 weeks after Bill raped her h
4. Out-of-control anger Is hated by her Secret Service detail for out of control anger issues.
     a. Justified Hamas shooting 10,000 rockets at random targets in Israel.
     b. On whose watch 4 Arab countries fell apart to terrorists.
     c. Began Russian reset appeasing advancing Russia
     d. Began Iran deal negotiations of which she approves. Thy admit they ied to sell it
7. Radical Mentored by radical Saul Alinsky, as was Obama.
8. pro-Islamic terror, /anti-Israel
     d. Says we should fight Islamic terror with more “love and Kindness”
      e. refuses to see any connection between islam and 99.9% of terror conducted by Muslims
      f. She is FOR catastrophic Iran deal. Trump says worst deal ever.
9. Murders. Has over 80 close associates who have died under mysterious circumstances as it became clear they endangered Clintons in some way.
10. Immoral.
     a. She laughed about getting child rapist off for technicality as defense attorney.
     b. supports cop killing advocates Black Lives Matter
11. Her Policies proposals are disastrous
     a. HURT POOR and Minorities Democratic polices hurt poor, minorities. Record poverty. massive new racial tensions.
Hillary wants to continue Obama legacy.
     c. Advocates destroying coal and fracking to increase our dependence on Muslim oil
13. Wlll take away our rights with Supreme Court picks
     A. free speech. Illegal to question climate change?
     B. Abortion. They believe in no limits at all.
     c. Take away right to bear arms while Trump wants nationwide conceal carry
14. Flip flops so much we have no idea what she actually will do
  Her supporters must be delusional, mentally unstable, stupid, or so kool-aid drinking libs that they can't think straight.

VS. Trump
1.    Has made a fortune in business
2.    Employed thousands who love him
3.    Will be a  be a GREAT President:
a.    Rebuild Obama gutted military
b.    Oppose and curb Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, Isis etc expansion.
c.    Gut and replace catastrophic Obamacare
d.    Stop Irs, EPA and regulatory abuse
e.    Stop the gazillions of wasted Federal dollars
f.     Stop abuse of our Veterans
g.    Expel tens of thousands of violent illegal migrant felons
h.    Stop the scourge of illegal immigration by securing our borders and building a wall that Mexico will pay for, just as Mexico built wall on its southern border to make immigration orderly again
i.      Defend our allies, especially Israel.
Trump: Israel should keep building in Judea and Samaria!!!!! Vs Hillary who yelled at Bibi for building in Jerusalem!!!
j.      Reduce taxes to grow economy and produce jobs. Larry Kudlow says it is a great plan.
k.    Improve education ruined by the liberals #nevercommoncore
l.      Rebuild our infrastructure
m.   Stop the invasion of a million Muslims Obama allowed in, 25% of whom support violent jihad
n.    Loved by his thousands of employees, including minorities, Hispanics
q.     • Defeat ISIS and radical Islam
r.     • Repeal and replace Obamacare
s.      • End the circle of lobbyists and special interests

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