Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Issue #3 Corrupt Hillary Commits possible treason and many felonies regarding emails

Issue #3 Corrupt Hillary

Commits possible treason and many felonies, having illegal private server, take in highest level beyond top secret emails and lies about it. Always thinks she’s above the law.  But when asked Wednesday by Fox News about Clinton's characterization of the bureau's probe, FBI Director James Comey said he doesn’t know what "security inquiry" means -- adding, “We’re conducting an investigation. … That’s what we do.”

Clinton committed treason. 150 FBI agents are devoting full time to this, and that is not a right wing conspiracy. In summary, Hillary Clinton's server is the scandal. It's possible that Rice's aides and Sec. Powell may have acted improperly (though the email rules were set forth after Powell left office). They may have been sloppy with a small number of low-level classified information on an ad hoc basis. The rules and laws pertaining to the US government's data security must be followed. By everyone. But Clinton mishandled hundreds upon hundreds of classified emails, which held state secrets at the highest classification levels. In fact, just this week, the State Department deemed another seven Clinton emails too sensitive to release in any form, even with redactions, bringing that total to 29. Intelligence officials who've seen some of the documents in question say they betray operational intelligence, the leakage of which puts covert missions and lives at risk. A former NSA official has intelligence community sources who say Clinton's emails included the true identities of CIA operatives and assets, including foreign nationals working for the agency. Unlike Powell and Rice, Mrs. Clinton exhibited ongoing gross negligence by exposing reams of sensitive and classified intelligence to foreign governments. She ignored her sworn duty to safeguard secrets, "marked and unmarked," and declined to alter her behavior after she was admonished of an explicit vulnerability pertaining to personal email use. And unlike Powell and Rice, Hillary has consistently lied about this scandal. Her smug assertion that the (twice expanded) FBI investigation won't go anywhere amounts to waving a red flag in front of career investigators and intelligence officials, who are reportedly fuming over her irresponsible, and likely criminal, conduct. Remember, the probe reportedly entails more than just her email misconduct, Gen. David Petraeus was charged for classified intelligence spillage that was far more limited and contained, and a former US Attorney General says there's already sufficient evidence to justify an indictment. Clinton seems confident that her political power and privilege will shield her from accountability in the end, sending a less-than-subtle message to the Justice Department, which has already been influenced by two public White House statements. and on the issue of the dead Americans, she LIED brazenly about the issue being a video, when she KNEW within minutes it was an organized terrorist attack. Hillary plans to double down on Obama disaster
To let Hillary be elected is INSANE. She is a known CORRUPT, RADICALLY LEFT, TREASONOUS, PRO AMNESTY, INCOMPETENT, PRO MUSLIM APPEASEMENT, pro Iran deal, pro destroying coal, lying, treasonous, worst Secr. Of State, Women abusing, HIGHER TAXES, ANTI COAL, ANTI GUN, extremist!

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